Best Streaming Servers for Interactive Linear TV

Designated streaming server with a GPU based Graphics Engine, integrated into its streaming infrastructure, so it can edit linear streams without adding delay.

Animure Server is a state-of-the-art video composition server that allows high-quality video production in LIVE real-time. You can stream personalized content to each consumer, creating all views simultaneously from the same source, without altering the source material.

  • Automatic adaptation of live broadcast to all Smart TVs and handheld devices
  • Real-time performance. Hardware accelerated transcoding (up to 8K)
  • Pure server-side solution for interactive TV experience
  • Picture Enhancement. Excellent quality even from low resolution streams
  • Fuse realistic 3D models that can interact with the stream and the viewer
  • Single stream per viewer when watching multiple Picture-in-Picture streams
  • Supports all common market codecs, minor changes are needed for integration

How It Works?

Animure enables to define different target audiences and to create for each of them a suitable programme using storyboards. A storyboard is an organizer that plans a narrative tailored to each viewer. By connecting storyboards to viewers, Animure customizes live streams during live broadcast to fit each personal narrative. This enables to adapt advertisements and suitable content to each viewer in a simple and intuitive way.